Is it an Antique Car or Classic Car?

Well that depends on who you ask. Most insurance companies define an antique as a vehicle that is 25 years or older. It must be in its original or original restored condition and in working order. There are also restrictions on the amount of miles you can accumulate every year. They consider a classic car to be 19 – 24 years old, restored and in working condition.

The great state of Texas defines antique and classic cars according to their usage. Antique license plates are issued for cars, trucks, or motorcycles that are at least 25 years old and are a collector’s item. The vehicle must be used exclusively for exhibitions, club activities, parades or other functions of public interest. Vehicles displaying antique plates may not be used for regular transportation or carry advertising. The vehicle may be driven to and from a location for routine maintenance. They are also exempt from annual inspection.

Classic license plates are issued to  cars that are 25 or more years old. Unlike antiques, classic cars can be used as daily drivers and require a state inspection.  Certain items of inspection, however, may or may not be required to be inspected, depending on the age of the car. (For example, seatbelts and anchorages are only required if the vehicle was originally manufactured with them.)

Whether you have an antique car or a classic car, McCart & Honea Agency can provide you the coverage to need to protect it.