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Home Insurance and Property Taxes

Question: My tax statement lists TAXABLE value of $231,000 and MARKET value of $235,000, but my insurance policy shows a dwelling amount of $263,000. Why is my home insured for more than it’s worth? Answer: Mike Honea Agency uses an approved Replacement Cost Estimator which uses the data

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Do you need a Bond to protect your Business?

Bonds are considered a special form of insurance, but are different from insurance because the beneficiary is a third party. Bonds are used to guarantee the performance or honesty of someone else. Fidelity Bonds guarantee that bonded employees handle their employer’s money and property honestly. A typical

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Ready to go camping?

You are probably asking yourself ‘what does camping have to do with insurance?’. RV’s, travel trailers and pop up trailers are an investment and should be protected. Maybe you think ‘doesn’t my auto insurance cover it’ ? Most auto policies don’t have the kind of  coverage you really

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